Privacy Information

This Privacy Information may be revised from time to time.  Please read the latest version of this document prior to each use.

The words “Company,” “Site,” and “User” are defined in the “User Agreement and Terms of Use.”

The Company is committed to the principle of user privacy and does not require the User to provide the Company with information about the User that identifies the User personally.

The Company has access to information that is generated in the process of the User’s access of the Site.  (For example, when the User accesses the Site, the Company may be automatically provided with technical information about various aspects of the process through which the User accesses the Site, such as, but not limited to, the IP address of the machine from which the Site is accessed, the type of browser used to access the Site, etc.)

The Company may share any information about the User that the Company may have access to only as needed for (1) abiding the law and safeguarding the interests of the Site and its users, and (2) making free usage of the Site commercially viable for the Company.

The Company advises the User that, in the process of the User’s access of the Site, various third party advertising and marketing partners of the Company, as well as partners of such partners not directly related or even not known to the Company, may recognize and collect information about the User in ways that the Company does not control.

Last updated on August 29, 2011